May 4th, 2007


i'm uncomfortable.

one day, i'll come around.

tonight should be alright, but every time i have high expectations, i end up disappointed.
i'm easily disappointed, i guess.

here's my wish list (see if you can grant them):
i wish....
- i had better clothes
- i was capable of keeping secrets.
- i didn't feel the need to have people around all the time. that i could be by myself.
- i spent my cash wisely.
- i was more confident.
- you were here.
- i wasn't a fifth wheel.
- people wouldn't judge so quickly.
- my nose were smaller.
- i could eat more.
- i had patience.
- i weren't so concered with the way i look.
- i were fine with the way i look.
- i didn't get tired of people so easily.
- i didn't feel like i'm at fault. all the time.
- i didn't apologize all the time.
- you knew how much you mean to me and how scared i was last night.
- i had cigarettes.
- i didn't have to pee.
- i felt usefull.
- i didn't need you.

i hope your days go better than mine.
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    sleeping in - the postal service.